To Everything There is a Season

Ecclesiastes was born into a world out of balance. He felt it even as an infant, the power in both his mother and father, strong, stubborn souls who would not back down, who would not let the other assume dominion. Neither willing to subjugate.

So there were the inevitable fights. His parents screamed at each other, and Ecclesiastes screamed in his crib. Then one day his father went away and only he and his mother remained, and for the first time in his short life, Ecclesiastes felt calmness in his world. His mother was big and strong, he was small and weak. Balance.

As he grew older, he saw and understood the balance in nature: cold, icy days and hot, steamy days; Continue reading


Blooms of roses
Blooms of blood–
One an olfactory explosion
The other a lava flood.

Tears of happiness
Tears of pain–
One emotion elemental
The other…acid rain.

Words of comfort
Words of hurt–
One warms the coldest soul
The other…my coffin, unseen, six feet beneath the dirt.


Have you ever wondered about the lyrics of a song–the  story behind the words? I often do, trying to piece together what is told and what is left unsaid/unsung.

While browsing through Amazon’s Prime Music (I get this service as a part of my Amazon Prime Account) a few days ago, I stumbled upon an album–are they still called that?–titled: Blackbirds, by Gretchen Peters. I had never heard of this artist, let alone the song, but the cover looked intriguing, so I gave a listen to the title track.

The opening lines–“Blackbirds came at dusk and they roosted in the cane…caused such a ruckus that it shook my windowpane. And I’m covered up in dirt and I stink of kerosene, and no matter what I do, I can’t get clean.”–reached out and grabbed me by the throat, demanding my complete attention, until upon ending, I was released from its death-grip.
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Something New In My Treasure Chest


The FedEx man dropped it outside my front door and rang the bell on Monday. If I’d known what it was–it arrived a day early–I would have dragged myself out of my sickbed and crawled to the door and somehow managed to reach the knob, crack open the door a bit, and drag my treasure inside. As it was, kind Husband was around and retrieved it for me. He even went so far as to open the box and place it in my greedy, little hands. Continue reading


I like what I see

When I look in your eyes

When you look at me.


I like what I smell

When I’m wrapped in your arms

Ensnarled in your spell.


I like what I hear

When you whisper my name

Soft lips brushing my ear.


I like what I touch

When our legs entwine

And our hungry hands clutch.


I like what I taste

When my tongue strokes your flesh

In a kiss far from chaste.


All these things now are gone

Love washed away

Into the dark sea of dawn…