Blooms of roses
Blooms of blood–
One an olfactory explosion
The other a lava flood.

Tears of happiness
Tears of pain–
One emotion elemental
The other…acid rain.

Words of comfort
Words of hurt–
One warms the coldest soul
The other…my coffin, unseen, six feet beneath the dirt.

14 thoughts on “Discordance

  1. What I will say (when I regain control of my keyboard … is that I admire you for having the courage to take your life in hand, and do what you want to do, instead of feeling pressured by others. As you know, I stepped down from management a couple of years back – and it was for a similar reason – life was running away with me.
    I’ve got you followed here now, and I’ve got your email. Be good to yourself my friend. xx

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    • I also stepped down from management a little over a year ago, and still have no time. My husband’s multiple health issues (that continue to worsen) plays a big part in my lack of leisure time, but we all must play the hand we are dealt.
      I write when I can. I sometimes think it’s what keeps me sane. lol
      Thanks for sticking with me, friend.


  2. Cathy, some poem. Extremes of emotion – black and white. The darkness on the other side of light.

    Life is like that, I think. If you peel away the light, darkness exists. Perhaps the good news is the reverse is true. Damn, Cathy – it’s only 6:11 a.m. How dare you make me think this hard so early in the morning!

    Well, can you tell I liked it?

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    • So sorry you had to think too early in the day…I know I can’t. I save my thinking until later when I’m not a zombie. 😀
      I’m happy you liked it, Kate. I know my poetry and tales both walk a dark line, but that’s just how my brain works. Creepy, huh?…lol

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    • I will still share, Julia…just at a more leisurely pace than before. And I’m currently doing a complete rewrite of my novel before sending it out again. I still have that “iron in the fire”, so to speak.
      I’m about 3/4ths through Selkie. I wish I had more reading time, but I snatch the minutes when I can. My curiosity has my brain running overtime, trying to unravel the mystery. 😀

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