Selkie by Zirasharia

Selkie by Zirasharia

Writing a book review is not–no where, no how–in my bag of magic tricks. But the idea behind this tale is such an unusual and intriguing one that I felt compelled to share my mediocre review of this fine novel here. Please bear with me…

I had never heard of a Selkie until I read Julia Lund’s novel aptly titled Selkie, but then I’m not familiar with Scottish folklore. For those of you who don’t know what a Selkie is, it’s a creature that has the form of a seal, but can also take on a human form.
And so the story begins…
Sixteen-year-old Sam Harris, along with her mom and younger brother, move to the Scottish coast for a new start after their father/husband abandons the family. Sam’s mother has taken a job caring for the elderly Miss McCulloch who abides in a house overlooking a magical cove. And it is on the rocky cliffs above this cove where Sam meets the enigmatic Seb, a young man who will have a profound impact on her life.
Selkie is a bittersweet coming of age story, but much more. Mystery haunts the cliffs and cove. Sam sees things others don’t, and exploring this mystery costs Sam dearly.

I highly recommend this book. It moves along at a brisk pace, raising questions that keeps the reader guessing until–
image Well…you’ll just have to find that out for yourself.

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hollow world
hollow moon
hollow stars
hollow room

hollow body
hollow head
hollow heart
hollow bed

hollow days
hollow nights
hollow me
hollow life…

No Linda

Darrin McDermott had not wanted his wife to get pregnant. He’d told her up front bad genes roosted in his family tree, and he didn’t want to risk having a defective child. They had agreed before marrying five years earlier that this would be a childless union. But Linda had not stood by their agreement, yet he still loved and adored her–his golden angel.

Darrin now realized he should have used a condom–having a vasectomy had always been out of the question–but Linda had assured him she took her birth control pills faithfully. And she still swore by this, saying the pregnancy was an accident. But he had seen the longing in her eyes when they happened upon a mother and child, and had hurt for her. And perhaps, if he were to be honest, a little for himself.

No, he didn’t believed her, but had never told her so. He couldn’t bear the pain he knew would cloud her beautiful blue eyes if he called her out on it. Continue reading


I walk the bone-chilling Nightland,
At peace within the lonesome shroud of black.
The icy glimmer of starlight caresses my upturned face,
A lover’s touch…with a sigh, my lips go slack.

I live in the sacred spaces…shadows of the dark
Where only Mistress Moon is a welcome light.
But when Fiery Dawn steals the pure leaden sky,
My fearful soul takes flight.

Off like a shooting star,
Hurtling into the empty void of space.
Away, away I flee from the purity of day,
I cannot let sunlight touch my evil face.



Dark woods, deep woods, deathly woods,
Through them I rush-race-run.
Moon glows, moon shows, moon knows,
Soon I will be done.

Bog sucks, bog slurps, bog swallows,
Stealing the boots from my feet.
Briars snatch, briars catch, briars latch,
Determined we shall meet.

Water utters, water mutters, water blubbers,
Through rimed wetness I sloggishly go.
Rocks thrash, rocks slash, rocks gash,
Riving cracks into my soul.

Solid dirt, cold dirt, stinging dirt,
Toes digging in, I stagger up a knoll.
Trees shadow, trees shelter, trees shield—
Or so I have been told.

Wolves prowl, wolves howl, wolves growl,
Form a menacing circle round me.
Darkling eyes, devil eyes, demon eyes,
But only one will feast on me.

Teeth show, teeth smile, teeth sink
Dagger fangs above my breast.
My master’s kiss, my lover’s kiss, my Alpha’s kiss
Weeps river-red upon my chest.

Dark woods, deep woods, deathly woods,
Through them I rush-race-run.
Moon glows, moon shows, moon knows,
My life has just begun.