Selkie by Zirasharia

Selkie by Zirasharia

Writing a book review is not–no where, no how–in my bag of magic tricks. But the idea behind this tale is such an unusual and intriguing one that I felt compelled to share my mediocre review of this fine novel here. Please bear with me…

I had never heard of a Selkie until I read Julia Lund’s novel aptly titled Selkie, but then I’m not familiar with Scottish folklore. For those of you who don’t know what a Selkie is, it’s a creature that has the form of a seal, but can also take on a human form.
And so the story begins…
Sixteen-year-old Sam Harris, along with her mom and younger brother, move to the Scottish coast for a new start after their father/husband abandons the family. Sam’s mother has taken a job caring for the elderly Miss McCulloch who abides in a house overlooking a magical cove. And it is on the rocky cliffs above this cove where Sam meets the enigmatic Seb, a young man who will have a profound impact on her life.
Selkie is a bittersweet coming of age story, but much more. Mystery haunts the cliffs and cove. Sam sees things others don’t, and exploring this mystery costs Sam dearly.

I highly recommend this book. It moves along at a brisk pace, raising questions that keeps the reader guessing until–
image Well…you’ll just have to find that out for yourself.

You can purchase Julia Lund’s book on Amazon.
Click here to buy in the US,
here for the UK.

24 thoughts on “Selkie

  1. That’s a wonderfully concise summary of “Selkie”. “Selkie” is a delightful novel, and it was so much fun for a desert dweller such as myself to read, because it gave me a glance into a world completely foreign to me. I still owe Julia a review of “Selkie”, and your review is a good reminder.

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  2. Anything to do with Scotland gets my attention. We had friends in Balmain (Australia) from Scotland who started a restaurant serving haggis. I loved it . Of course, Scotland would be a hard country to write in without including mystery.
    A good and succinct write-up. Thank you.

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    • Thank you. I thought it a bit short, but book reviews are not my forte. Julia Lund is very familiar with Scotland, and her descriptions of the countryside and coast painted vivid pictures that made me feel as if I were right there. And it was a lovely place to be.

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