Boogeyman Dreams


A murder of crows takes flight,
Cawing their insanity into the abyss of the night.
They wake the monster of madness; it rears its bristly head.
“Be not afraid,” gods whisper as you lie in your panicked bed.
“For I am here, I am with you, I am the light.”
Just a child, alone, you tremble in fright,
Too little to ward off things not heard nor seen–
Fragments of shredded emotions, slivers of boogeyman dreams.

26 thoughts on “Boogeyman Dreams

  1. What people used to tell me was an over active imagination, turns out to be more than just imagination as we have lots of ghosts and monsters on our property.

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  2. Great piece, very Lovecraft in the beginning, “Cawing their insanity into the abyss of the night” is a perfect line. I feel inspired now and think you have given me the beginnings of a short story, thank you.

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    • Lol . . . I don’t know who gives the names to groups of animals, birds, etc., but “a murder of crows” is one of my favorites. Why they weren’t named a flock of crows is for minds greater than my own to decipher.
      And thank you for stopping by and the follow. 🙂

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  3. The conversations in your head you have with the bogeyman must be fascinating stuff to conjure up a superb poem like this. I remember how the dark both frightened and embraced me when I was little… I felt those sensations again. You are most beautiful in the dark, Cathy. 💀 👻 ❤


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