Where The Wild Roses Grow


I had never heard of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds until a fellow blogger, Bee, (who is currently taking a blogging hiatus while working on her writing) recommended I listen  to “Where The Wild Roses Grow” a few months back after she had read my post, Blackbirds. Let me tell you people, it is, as we would say here in the South, quite a doozy.
A little background . . .
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds is an Alternative Rock band that formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1983. Gothic rock, punk rock, no wave, and blues played a heavy influence on their music.
In 1996, the band released the album, Murder Ballads. Nick Cave and Australian pop idol, Kylie Minogue, collaborated on “Where The Wild Roses Grow”, a song on that album. It became a hit in the UK and Australia, and that year won three awards from the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA), including Song of the Year.
I’ll hush now so you can give a listen to this haunting tune/tale of murder.

8 thoughts on “Where The Wild Roses Grow

  1. A sad ballad. Seems fitting for your stories. I sampled other songs by Nick, and he has a pretty good range of styles, but he seems to like doing ballads.

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  2. I enjoyed this song Cathy although I’m not a fan of KM.
    I was actually born in Dublin,Ireland. My parents are from county Kildare,
    and I was brought up on Irish music. Predominantly The Dubliners.
    If you have the time please YouTube Luke Kelly ” The Dubliners ” singing Monto
    or Black velvet band. Sorry, I don’t know how to do the links. 😟

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