Sins of the Fathers (10)

“What?” I shrieked, struggling to my knees, covers pulled up to my chin. “What did you say?”

“Was it good stuff, boy?” Mr. Jamison’s eyes narrowed. “If she’s half as good in the sack as her mama was, she’s one prime pussy.”

Ira pounced, twisting Mr. Jamison’s shirtfront in his fist. His other hand dove into the front pocket of his jeans, came up in a blur of motion and clicked open a switchblade. He touched the point to his father’s throat. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Now just hold on, there ain’t no need getting excited.” A thin trail of blood trickled down Mr. Jamison’s neck. “Fuck her all you want, hell, it ain’t no skin off my ass—ow!”

Ira pushed a little deeper. The trickle became a stream. “Goddamn you, what are you talking about?” He slammed Mr. Jamison against the wall, the knife blade now resting sideways against his throat. “I want an answer—now.”

“I done told you, boy. She’s your sister. Hell, I don’t—”

“Liar!” Ira roared. Continue reading

Dance in the Graveyards


Delta Rae is an American folk rock band that formed in Durham, North Carolina in 2009. Consisting of three siblings, Ian, Eric, and Brittany Hölljes, along with Elizabeth Hopkins, Mike McKee and Grant Emerson, Delta Rae’s name came from a fictional story the Hölljesus’ mother intended to write (I suppose this means the story never bore fruition.) about a Southern girl named Delta Rae who summoned the Greek gods to earth.

Their debut album, Carry the Fire, was released in June 2012 and features “Dance in the Graveyards.”

They released a second album, After It All, in April 2015. I can find no record of follow-up albums, but they continue to tour, and gathering from what I have watched on YouTube, their live performances are popular.

Quoting from their official website bio, “Their music continually reveals a tension between male and female, dark and light, and life and death.”

I couldn’t have described their music any better myself.

I have also included a link to anther song, “Bottom of the River”—it came in a close second to “Dance in the Graveyards”—which is also on the album, Carry the Fire.

I hope you enjoy.



mirrors do not lie
they stare back into your clouded eyes
down, down the bottomless black well
straight into the rapacious mouth of hell
where fiendish nightmares breed
and ravenous Beelzebub feeds
ripping apart your godforsaken soul
piercing razor-blade teeth, burning like coals

do not look in mirrors, I say
nor let your empty eyes stray
to the bewitching silvered glass
through which maleficence can pass
avert your curious gaze
be not like Alice . . . beguiled by the maze
drawn into a world where nothing is real
not hope, not dreams, nor love . . . all surreal

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Sins of the Fathers (11)

“Oh?” she asked, eyes wary.

“He’s not just a friend. I’m in love with him.”

“You can’t be in love with him, he’s your brother, much as it galls me t’say it.”

“I didn’t know that before, and now it’s too late.”

“What do you mean, it’s too late? Now that you know he’s your blood—”

I grabbed her hands, stilling their nervous fluttering. “Granny, I’m going to have his baby.” There wasn’t a kinder way to say it.

She folded in on herself. “And the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the children…” She began to weep, her narrow shoulders shook. “Dear Lord, call back your vengeance…not little Chloe…no…”

Another stab of guilt pierced my heart. “Please, Granny, I need your help.”

“Help…yes…” She swiped her face, took a deep breath, and squared her shoulders. “You can’t have that chile, Chloe. There’s no tellin’ what might be wrong with it. I’ll talk to Doc Miller—”

“Are you talking about abortion?” My arms curled around my belly. “I hadn’t even considered that. Ira wants us to go away and get married. He—”

Granny lurched to her feet. “You can’t marry your brother. That’d be an abomination in the sight of the Lord.” Continue reading