Be My Valentine


don’t give me a blushing red heart
hand over your black soul instead
one I can bind with my wicked thoughts
and chain to my immoral bed

a soul that will lick my red-tipped toes
and tell me my taste is sweet
and using a warm, scented oil
caress my slender feet

a soul that will humbly bow to my will
freely offer a neck for a studded collar
clip on the leash with nervous fingers
as I lead, on hands and knees follow

a soul that will dare not question
while tied on their back to my bed
anything I may wish to do
with a needle and stout thread

i crave a soul as dark as mine
to get me through the night
no valentine for me, my love
give me your pleasure, pain and life

Photos from Pixabay

54 thoughts on “Be My Valentine

    • Thank you, Kay. πŸ™‚ After posting, I got to thinking about it, AND the story I’m serializing, and wondered if they were appropriate on WordPress. Following a little research, I found out that my blog should be flagged as mature. A bummer, since I will no longer show up in the WordPress Reader, but I did it. Don’t want to get in trouble with the WordPress police.

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      • Yeah, it is a bummer, but, in my humble opinion, worth the freedom to write and share anything that pops into the brain!

        It was lovely. And clearly I need to spend more time going though your blog! I’m in love with everything I read!

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  1. Dark and delicious Cathy.
    Loved it. 😎

    Why is the first comment that I see
    from you? Made me think it was a reblog
    and I was going to make my second faux pas
    In one day.

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  2. Very interesting. As usual I praise your writing. And I know they say, “all is fair in love and war;” but as a lone wolf with Alpha traits, I wouldn’t want any man willing to take a leash covering my back in times of crisis. ha ha

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      • I wasn’t going to make any personal judgment, Cathy. As writers we dabble with many types of characters, and you do it very well. I too have used various fetishes in storytelling. So no big deal.
        As for the Valentine thing, I’m sure many people can find various pleasures in many forms (just like any other day or night of the week); but I personally believe you can only find love with mutual respect.

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  3. Entertainingly dark and enjoyable. A wonderful and welcome contrast to the wearisome and unimaginative “lovey-dovey” and “roses are red” poems that we’re inundated with at this time of the year.

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    • Thank you, Mike. πŸ™‚ I was also tired of the same old, same old, and since my mind wanders quite frequently into the dark anyway, I thought I’d bring a little of it back with me for Valentines’s Day.
      Thank you for leaving such a nice comment.

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  4. The last line forms the perfect conclusion to a lovely poem! Life is a overwhelming juxtaposition of pleasure and pain. More often than not, the line is blurred and the two are very much a part of each other. Loved it.

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  5. I’m sliding off my chair! Lol. My, that was hot and dangerous. Loved every word; especially these ones:

    a soul that will dare not question
    while tied on their back to my bed

    Now, for a cold shower πŸ˜‰

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