mirrors do not lie
they stare back into your clouded eyes
down, down the bottomless black well
straight into the rapacious mouth of hell
where fiendish nightmares breed
and ravenous Beelzebub feeds
ripping apart your godforsaken soul
piercing razor-blade teeth, burning like coals

do not look in mirrors, I say
nor let your empty eyes stray
to the bewitching silvered glass
through which maleficence can pass
avert your curious gaze
be not like Alice . . . beguiled by the maze
drawn into a world where nothing is real
not hope, not dreams, nor love . . . all surreal

29 thoughts on “Mirrors

  1. Excellent as usual, Cathy. Though in a place so dark I hope you don’t mind a little light to shine…

    mirrors indeed do lie
    for they do not stare but merely reflect
    and I say, what the heck
    if down, down you go
    ’tis the person and not the mirror who make it so

    Society’s image begs you pay the bill
    with its lies that you are worthy of hell
    but you must buy the con to face the breed
    thinking you are merely food to feed the devil’s need

    I see in you no godforsaken soul
    but beating heart and grit teeth
    intent with loving goals

    look not in mirrors but in my eyes
    and never let them stray
    bewitched with love
    and that’s okay
    okay, ’tis true, to be curious
    for the devil loses you
    and becomes furious
    for love does shine within the dark
    with hopes and dreams… and all is real

    It was a good post, my friend.

    Liked by 2 people

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