Yes I Am


This morning, I finally broke down and caught up on a little housework, a chore I hate with a passion, but from time to time have to take care of anyway. (Somebody’s gotta do it.) To make the task a little more bearable–and to drown out the curse words–I decided to listen to music while scrubbing away. I rummaged around in my CDs, looking for something I hadn’t listened to in a while, and came out with one of my top five favorites. And after popping the CD into my computer and turning up the volume on the external speakers, I cleaned away, singing instead of mumbling words and phrases I won’t mention here.

Yes I Am was released in 1993 by American rock singer-songwriter, Melissa Etheridge, and contained three top 40 hits, including my two favorites, “I’m the Only One” and “Come To My Window.” It was considered her mainstream breakthrough album. And yes, I’ve always been aware Miss Etheridge is a lesbian, but I think her amazing lyrics speak to anyone, no matter their sexual preference, who has been in love and had their heart broken.

21 thoughts on “Yes I Am

  1. I got to see Melissa Etheridge open for Joan Osbourne back in the day. She said her girlfriend made her wear the leopard print pants she had on for the show that day. Hey, the freeze frame for your second video is Juliette Lewis, the one I mentioned the other day on your blog. 🙂

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  2. Always been a fan. I was in college in southern California when she was first starting. Me and my rock friends listened to her in the studio playing with just herself and her bass player. She ripped through Chrome Plated Heart and we were hooked. She is the real deal.

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  3. I’ve always considered Melissa Etheridge as one of the most talented musician. Music helps make those dull chores so much better — that’s why I play music when having whoopie with my husband. Lol. I’m kidding!! 😉 Haha.

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