Spirit Hurricane

Mephistopheles and his demons
run rampant through my brain
drowning thoughts, drowning feelings
a spirit hurricane

teeth tear apart truth
revealing succulent lies
sugar-coated in happiness
in an attempt to survive

dark angels feast on all
leaving famine in their wake
an empty shell of a mind
now so fragile it breaks

and collapses inward
into the soothing blackness of death
taking myΒ war-ravaged spirit
that has at last found rest

36 thoughts on “Spirit Hurricane

  1. This was so well comprised, Cathy. The metaphors were so dynamic and vivid! And the song was amazing. I’ve never heard her before and her sound was so raw and had such depth in its simplicity. I have a fondness for soulful, folky sound, especially acoustic. Thank you for sharing; I had to look her up for more music.

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  2. It always amazes me, my friend, that you can dig deep into these dark recesses and pull out something so stark and dramatically in contrast to your everyday personality. That is the gift of a good writer; one who can empathize with the character, and make themselves a part of the scene and narrative, so that one cannot tell one from the other. Beautiful writing, Cathy.

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  3. Cathy, this was so good. The dark stuff is scaring me less; what does that mean? Of course it helps that you’re writing it, lol. By the way, I’d just come from your last post, grooving to Adele’s Rolling in the Deep, and then watched/listened to the music video here-what a contrast. This one was so good, too. I just gotta hang out with you to find great music!

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