Photo Challenge #108 – Making me Whole

This is a lovely poem by my friend, Michael.


hideoutImage: Albert Finch

I arrive home

A long day no excuses

Its always work work work.

I’m tired, I’m cranky,

I know you will be upset at yet another late night.

A note on the kitchen table says:

“Dinner in in the oven.”

To tired to care I eat

What is now a burnt offering

But I dare not complain.

I eat in silence save for the distant

Rhythms of the songster

In whose words I know you bathe.

Not for me such soothing sentiments

Having left you high and dry.

I enter the bedroom, the music plays

I cannot see you,

I feel chastened by my tardiness.

I begin to undress and feel your arms circle my neck.

Yours are caressing hands

Caring hands, loving hands

You whisper you have missed me.

The buttons on my shirt

Slip between your fingers

Your hands slide over my chest

I take…

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