The Dimension of Us

An amazing poem written by a friend….
Visit Elizabeth’s blog for more great work; you won’t be disappointed.

13 thoughts on “The Dimension of Us

  1. Thank-you again Kathy, what a honor to be shared here on your page. You are such an inspiration, and your support gives me wings. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. It stirs up strange feelings but here and now, I will admit to myself, after reading many, many, poems from many, many, different writers, and going back a thousand years to high school, that my mind is definitely poetry challenged. I never quite “get it” when I read a poem. It’s like modern art: my mind simply cannot penetrate the haze behind which hides the truth being offered. I’ve written my own piles of free verse poetry, and even of the more stilted rhythm and rhyme stuff, always in attempts to discover the magic behind that kind of code writing… and it eludes me still. So, I believe this is a great poem, talking about romance and distance, then nearness; of romantic love. I can tell by the feelings, but not by the equation. Perhaps that’s how it should be with poems: puzzles, riddles to be solved according to one’s own skills, understanding, experiences.

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