This is dedicated to a dear friend who commented on my tendency to dwell in the dark. You know who you are…

A crack zigzags across the old sidewalk
And wrenches apart the hot concrete,
Exposing a tiny sliver of earth
That for years untold
Has known only crushing pain and darkness.

While above . . . days pass, weeks pass,
And Summer relinquishes its sovereignty to Autumn.
Leaves fall, scarlet and saffron and umber tears
Scurry and dance across the sad gray surface.
Revivified wings flap overhead, rain patters down.

A frigid gale rides in on the back of the North Wind.
Ice crystals settle in the divide, cold elbows
Pushing against the argentine walls
That are desperately struggling to hold together.
The frozen earth shivers beneath this fresh onslaught.

While above . . . days pass, weeks pass,
And Winter reluctantly surrenders its silver crown to Spring.
Lightning splits the sky, thunder rolls and rumbles.
A deluge pounds the sidewalk; a cool river races through the cleft,
Torturously prying it open to the warming world.

The raw earth nestled in the crack feels a pleasant stirring.
A tiny fledgling breaks its surface and stretches toward the sun.
Oaken soldiers flanking the sidewalk tip their glossy green heads
To watch the miracle of birth arising from the ashes of neglect.
The dandelion nods its golden head . . . free at last.

Image from MorgueFile

51 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Mary this is true brilliance, the crack in the pavement depicting the crack in the poets soul. Beautiful and so relatable. Stunning!

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  2. This is beautiful, Cathy. Such great use of metaphors, a lot of emotion, and an inspiring message. The hard difficult struggle to claw out of the dark of adversity through the changing seasons of your life, and finding an illuminated rebirth. Fantastic, my friend!

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  3. Oh, Cathy, this is wonderful. Your metaphorical description of that process was so vivid. I saw and felt as I read. I hoped…

    If this means you are in the dark today, as you mentioned your tendency to write poems when you are, I’m offering a big ‘ole hug. Hell, even if not!

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  4. This is such an extraordinary poem – full of darkness, beauty and … at last hope!! I really love it, Cathy!! 🙂
    I can very much relate to darkness being a big motivator to create something, but I especially love this final twist to light and freedom in your poem 🙂
    Have a beautiful day! xoxo

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