Ocean WordPress


Help! I”m drowning!

…in  email notifications.

I’m sure there are many of you in the Blogosphere, like me, who are doing their best to keep a leaky, overcrowded boat afloat here on the digital blue ocean of WordPress. You continue bailing out the water but it’s rising faster than you can keep up with it, and your boat is slowly but surely sinking in a preponderance of posts.

I can no longer keep up. I have tried–at the expense of my own writing, and living life–but I think it’s time to give up the ghost. It’s either that or spend hours and hours each day reading and commenting on posts. And there are so many good ones, so many talented artists in various fields who share their work on WordPress that I follow. I want to read you all!

But I can’t.

I have a book almost ready to start sending out to literary agents, and other writing projects begging for my attention. I have a plethora of unread books waiting to be enjoyed. I have a family. I have a life. And I require a little sleep. We all do. So I am going to limit my time on WordPress. I’ll still be dropping by about every day for a short visit, but I can’t spend the entire day, kick back, and have a nice, leisurely lunch. I’ll pop in on everyone from time to time, but I won’t be reading every post made by everyone I follow.

I hope you all understand. I think most will because you’re going through the same thing, and quite a few have it far worse than I do. (And yes, I’m talking to you, Lonely Author.)

We all have to strike a balance in our lives, or be swept up in Ocean WordPress and continuously fight against the current to hold onto our sanity–and I don’t have much of that commodity to spare as is. So even though you won’t be seeing as much of me, you will be seeing me. And I hope all of you will drop by my place too, as time allows.

56 thoughts on “Ocean WordPress

  1. I truly understand what you’re dealing with. I’ve always been an active person who wants to go out and experience life, and it has been severely curtailed after I began my blogs and tried to keep up with comments on others that I follow as well. I’ve even put one of my blogs on hiatus because there just isn’t enough time in a day to do it all. But I will keep up with those, like you, Cathy, that I’ve developed a good friendship with. But others have had to take a backseat.

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  2. I understand. I thought I was the only one feeling overwhelmed. It is so wonderful to have our peers comment. The support is incredible. At the same time, I find myself spending more time on social media than I do on writing. I eagerly await your book. Wrap yourself up in what is right for you ❤

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  3. I find myself falling in and out of love with wordpress and recently with writing projects to take care of i’m struggling to find the energy to do everything. Time for a breather very soon.
    Besides, as great as WP is, real world, and actual writing projects are way more important.

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  4. Exactly what is in my thoughts dear. Sometimes a break is just so essential. I fully understand it, as I’m trying hard to do the same. Just not enough hours 😉
    Take care and stay blessed!!

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  5. I completely understand your need to focus your time on your writing, Cathy!! As much as we all love it here on “ocean wordpress” 😉 we mustn´t forget the things we build our blogs on in the first place, may it be writing, photography, music, art… I´ve felt this need time and again, and sometimes force myself to not turn the laptop on but draw or paint instead. It´s a tough thing balancing one´s virtual life with the real one, I feel. Wish you the best of luck for your book and that you´ll find the perfect agent for it! I´ll be looking forward to your news! Lots of love, Sarah xoxo

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  6. Understood. I myself am drowning in the WordPress Ocean. And as you said, it is our writing projects that suffer. May very well cut down to three days a week (and no weekends). My writing and family need to come first. Best of luck with all your writing. I will be here whenever you post.

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    • I hope you do cut back and give that time to Allie and your writing projects. She needs your attention, and those projects won’t write themselves. If we are ever going to be published, we have to invest the time to make it happen; WordPress sucks it away. And I’ll be here when you post too. 🙂


  7. I’m soooo glad to read this, Cathy. Only because I drown in guilt every day feeling like I’m neglecting all my wonderful, faithful blog friends who so graciously drop by and leave me comments on my blog (including you) and I am so busy I can’t get over to read others. So I appreciate that you can take a break for the things that are important to you. Just saying it (writing it) should feel better to know you will never be deserted! Now get back to that book!! ❤

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  8. WordPress can be a great place but overwhelming as well… I come online twice or thrice a week and make sure I check on my favorite bloggers, maybe write a post or two, then off to ‘life’ again… 😉

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