Five Equals One

I am mute…
too much screaming deafens love.
I am blind…
angry eyes bring down darkness.
I can’t taste…
foul bitterness coats my tongue.
I can’t smell…
decaying lives occlude my nostrils.
I can’t feel…
sadness surrounds my desolate heart.
I am empty…
a lonely vessel, yearning to be filled.

Photo from Morguefile

44 thoughts on “Five Equals One

  1. Simple, direct, emotional… and I feel your pain, my friend. You learn from your experiences (as writers should), your talent then transforms it into the beauty of words, and you touch your readers. What writer can hope for more? Excellent post, Cathy.

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  2. I thought my comment posted…not sure what happened! Beautifully crafted writing, Cathy. I felt it to my cure…and wanted to give ‘I’ a hug. A heartfelt expression. 💜


  3. You’ve portrayed a loneliness
    without boundaries.
    The title of Carson McCullers novel,
    The Heart is a Lonely Hunter,
    sprang to mind.
    An excellent piece of writing Cathy.

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  4. Sadly I know those feelings and this place very well… But I love your poem anyway, or maybe because of it 🙂 It´s beautiful, powerful and speaks right to the soul! You are one amazing writer and poet, dear Cathy, and I´m so proud to call you my friend! Have a lovely week ahead! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ❤

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