I Wait

sprawl in a wrinkled, uneasy bed
old demons and new share the covers
they jabber and snicker, toss and turn
chase away forgetful sleep
eyes on the shadowed ceiling
I wait for sunrise…

pour a cup of bitter, black coffee
greet the ghosts of past friends and lovers
resentful and accusing in their stony silence
tears slide down unforgiving cheeks
eyes on the cold floor
I wait for sunset…

pace dingy, dark, shuttered rooms
regrets, fuck-ups, and what-ifs hover
lamplight glints on gunmetal gray
what you sow, you shall reap
eyes on the bore of eternity
I wait for death’s release

Photo from iStock

32 thoughts on “I Wait

  1. I did connect with this poem Cathy, like your persona I too spent a night tossing and turning, playing solitaire and listening to music as the demons on my shoulder danced about in their ritual “you are never going to be good enough”. I too await the sunrise as then the night is over. Though I don’t wait for death as I figure there is much to be experienced and explored….one never know what is around the corner…
    Have a good week..

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  2. Deep dark desperation and despair, no one wants to experience it for real, but you live it so well in the mind of a writer. So much emotion, so much said, in such a short three verses. Good post, Cathy.

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