Mistress Youth

Youth is a fickle mistress
Batting her clear green eyes
Whispering in your ear…
I will stay with you forever

Naively, you believe her
Slug through the weeks
And months and years
Thinking she will always be there

You live your days for others
Instead of yourself and her, while
Work and family obligations
Mindlessly gorge on time perennial

Time you should have spent loving
Time you should have spent living
Time you should have spent just being
Time you should have spent with her

Until one morning you wake up alone
She has left you for someone younger
Leaving you old and worn out and used up
No good to yourself or anyone else

You see her out with her new love
And grow angry and resentful and hard
Hating her for abandoning you
Hating her for being happy without you

Then slowly you come to realize
That she did not leave you
You left her, long ago, standing alone
Beneath the glow of an eighties moon

Photo from PixabayΒ 

41 thoughts on “Mistress Youth

  1. Powerfully spoken, Cathy.
    I wonder if any of us really would go back… Maybe just one more time, to that 1980s moon…
    It seems most people in my age group claim the 80s as their decade, but I was always more attuned to the 70s. But still a glow in the moonlight.

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    • The late 60s and early 70s was my defining time, but the 80s was my official “should be an adult by now” time, and if I could take what I’ve learned back with me, a do-over would be nice.
      Thanks for the comment, Teagan, and thanks for the link…I haven’t heard Midnight Blue in a long, long time. πŸ™‚

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  2. Excellent as always, my friend. Though I must say, as ever the optimist, as long as there is a beating heart, blood in the veins, and breath in the lungs, youth can be recaptured at any age. And I fully intend on being the most playful and fun-loving “Old Fart” on the block till my dying day.

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  3. Wonderful poem, with so much truth. I am shocked every time I look in the mirror because I honestly feel like 17 (including the maturity factor πŸ˜€ ) But like your narrator, I am conscious of time, lack of a future, and a lot of waste that I regret…

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  4. Your way with wordery, yes wordery, is astounding dearest of sisters. I have always loved your tales both long and short. But your poetry…..I myself just lack the wordery to describe. So powerful, evokes such a myriad of powerful thoughts and images across the landscape of my mind.

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  5. There is just too much fabulousness in the fifties and beyond to let a ghost chaser ruin the mood… Grab that moon with both hands and howl…Somebody will come running to run their fingers through that long red hair and lyric verse, even if it means closing the eyes to pull you into their dreaming!

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  6. Poignant and beautiful personification of youth. Poor Mistress Youth left in the glow of an eighties moon! I wonder if she now dances with Robert Palmer? He was so sexy. RIP Robert. The one thing Mistress Youth can’t take away is your great talent, Cathy. You write as if the ink from your pen is pure gold. ⭐️ 🌟 ✨

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  7. Heart -wrenching and oh so true… your poem is wonderful, Cathy! I start to feel that this Mistress will take her goodbye from me soon πŸ˜‰ And although I always acted older than my age, I always feel like a teen inside too πŸ˜„ xxx

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  8. Every day people tell me I look ten to twenty years younger than my 58 years. I always joked it off as them being old or doing their exam in the dark until the other day so eone said it was the way I “was” more than how I looked. I really apprecaited that.

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