Down a distant country road
Lined with hickory and oak
Sits an old weathered house
Its roof wreathed in gauzy smoke

Wash flaps on the line
Hound dogs rest in the shade
Kids shimmy up a walnut tree
Wearing clothes handmade

Mama stands on the porch
Daddy towers at her side
Unconditional love in their eyes
Welcoming arms open wide

Here’s my baby,
Daddy says with a grin
We’ve been waiting for you, Mama adds
Supper’s ready, come on in

I close my eyes, take a final breath
My heart no more shall roam
I leave the road, pass through the gate
At last…at last…I’m home

Photo from Pixabay


31 thoughts on “Home

  1. Sister, I am sitting in Amanda’s livingroom, two of her five children sitting on me, another hanging over the back of the chair, another sitting on the floor looking at her doll colletion, the oldest gone with her mother; tears streaming as I read this poem…Mama’s and Daddy’s great-great grandchildren.
    Love you.

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  2. Oh for those days gone by. The photo looks so much like my grandpa’s old log cabin. A friend of mine bought it and took it apart, numbering each piece and moved it to her lot. She had fallen in love with it when she rented it when newly wed. She heard daddy, was going to take it down and wouldn’t have it. I hadn’t known his plans, but I’m glad she rescued it.

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