The Kingdom (also known as The Western Territories)…

A place in the world, but not of our world; a harsh, desolate land where war has raged for centuries between The Kingdom (The Western Terrirories) and Amerikstan (The Eastern Territories). Once the two were one great nation, but differing religious beliefs divided the people, causing the part that lay west of the mighty Elsippi River to break away and form a new country.

Under the iron fist of a zealous king who interprets God’s Book literally, this new country stagnates. Here, preachermen carry out God’s will. They reign over the small villages sparsely dotting the barren landscape, answerable to no one but the king. Women are regarded as property, belonging first to their fathers, then husbands. Many, but not all, are treated poorly, often beaten and occasionally killed.

The Kathliks, who control the fertile lands east of the Elsippi, continue fighting to regain control of the Western Territories, mounting frequent skirmishes into the hostile terrain.

The population of young men on both sides are decimated, for as soon as they are able to fight, most are conscripted into the opposing armies to carry on the never-ending battle.

The Red Dirt Mountains are home to the Kree, a race of winged humans. Long ago, before the Western Territories seceded from Amerikstan, the Kree traded with the people in the south. But King Fowls (the first ruler of The Kingdom) declared them demons, and the Kree had to isolate themselves for their own protection. They nest in the mountains, whose sides are too steep for the Earthbound Ones to scale, and farm the rich northern prairie. Over the centuries, they have become a thing of legend.



I will revise the map as need be. This world continues to grow in my mind, and I’m sure it will need to be updated in the future.

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