Birds of a Feather

MorphiaBeautiful painting created by my friend, Sarah at Secret Art Expedition, who was inspired by my story.

“Birds of a Feather” is the first story of mine published that I made money on–a whopping $10.00. It was published in Mindflights, an online magazine of speculative fiction (now defunct), under a different pen name than I use here. I think of all the short stories I have written, it remains my favorite.

My little sister was born with wings, or at least the beginnings of such. Little nubs on her sharp shoulder blades. When they reached any size, when from time to time tufts of white feathers dared blossomed out, Ma cut them off. I held Morphia down while she clipped them off with the cow dehorners. Morphia cried and carried on, but Ma said it didn’t hurt none, no more than snipping off a fingernail did, and if she didn’t cut them off, Morphia would fly away like Pa had.

Fact was, Ma had lost Pa to the winds, and she was bound and determined not to lose Morphia too. “Should’ve never let that bird-man in my bed, Henry,” she’d told me more times than I could count. Continue reading

I Will Come To You


someway, somehow
when the night is long
and the moon is blue
I will come to you

over rivers, over mountains
over bodies of lovers
both false and true
I will come to you

along highways, along byways
along pathways
damp with dew
I will come to you

in darkness, in shadows
in trails of moonbeam’s
silvered hues
I will come to you

clothed in wanting, clothed in lust
clothed in forever love
mixed in a witch’s brew
I will come to you

head bowed, eyes downcast
kneeling on your bed
now one where once was two
I will come to you

My friend, JW at JW’s Creative World collaborated with me on this piece, doing a continuation from the male’s perspective regarding the lady that came to him. You can find his poem here, Yang to my Yin.