Give Me No Children

When I laid eyes on the boy, I wondered if I could ever love him. I wanted to love him; after all, he was my husband’s son. But he wasn’t mine.

He stood between two of the nuns, all big brown eyes sandwiched by starched white habits. Nut-brown face, black wavy hair, stick-thin arms and bony, bruised legs.

Two days ago I’d gotten a call from Sister Angelica (Actually, the call was for my husband, but Sam Murphy was no longer of this earth; he and our son, Jake, had been killed in an auto accident three months previously.) informing me of the boy’s existence. And in almost the same breath, she’d asked if I could take the boy. “His mother passed away six months ago. There’s no one else.”

After I’d gotten over the shock of finding out that Sam had a son I’d known nothing about, I reluctantly agreed to do my Christian duty by the boy. Continue reading

Dance in the Graveyards


Delta Rae is an American folk rock band that formed in Durham, North Carolina in 2009. Consisting of three siblings, Ian, Eric, and Brittany Hölljes, along with Elizabeth Hopkins, Mike McKee and Grant Emerson, Delta Rae’s name came from a fictional story the Hölljesus’ mother intended to write (I suppose this means the story never bore fruition.) about a Southern girl named Delta Rae who summoned the Greek gods to earth.

Their debut album, Carry the Fire, was released in June 2012 and features “Dance in the Graveyards.”

They released a second album, After It All, in April 2015. I can find no record of follow-up albums, but they continue to tour, and gathering from what I have watched on YouTube, their live performances are popular.

Quoting from their official website bio, “Their music continually reveals a tension between male and female, dark and light, and life and death.”

I couldn’t have described their music any better myself.

I have also included a link to anther song, “Bottom of the River”—it came in a close second to “Dance in the Graveyards”—which is also on the album, Carry the Fire.

I hope you enjoy.