Black Is

black is…
the color of the ocean floor
the color of the deepest well
the color of a witch’s cat
the color of a lover’s spell

black is…
the color of infinity
the color of a new-moon night
the color of secrecy
the color of a dream that never takes flight

black is…
the color of a broken heart
the color of a demented mind
the color of an empty life
the color left behind

black is…
the color I breathe
the color I see
the color I taste
the color that owns me

for black is…

Photo from Morguefile

Two From One

gelid night of the soul . . .
January ice chills the heart
many times it has been torn open
the last assault cleaved it apart

two halves that can’t be mended
have drifted out upon the midnight tide
far from the warmth of a human touch
in icy salt water, two pieces now abide

twin bloodied castoffs, missed by no man
rest on the crepuscular ocean floor
algid darkness separate what once was one
destined to remain two . . . forevermore