Hushed snowflakes drift down from the night sky
Gently come to rest on the mountaintop
Blanketing its jagged peak in a mantle of white
And sleeps

Silver stars tow the sleepy sun upward
Rising dreamsicle-orange over distant peaks
Warm rays caress the alabaster veil
Flushed fingers probe

Melting pearls trickle down the steep slopes
Find direction in rocky cracks
Aqueous voices gurgle, giggle, gasp
Pour together in a joyous flux

Jumbling and tumbling down the descent
Crystal baubles covetously grab and grasp
Wet lips seek wet lips
Wanting, craving, needing

Spewed forth from the petrous cleft
Droplets cry out as they fall, fall, fall
Coming to blissful rest, entangled
In a glistening pool of spent desire


A Place

she murmurs, she sighs,
a brine-steeped zephyr,
her voice is a cry
that calls out to me
across the miles,
to a place she cannot see,
to a place she cannot be

twisted roads and alleys,
grassy hills
and green valleys,
lay down a protective cover
to separate she and I
like a jealous lover–
or an overprotective brother

she comes to me in dreams,
sunlight and starlight,
a reflected wet succubus gleam
that rolls wild and free
I yearn for her liquid embrace,
to return to a place I cannot see,
to a place I cannot be

Photo from Pixabay

Five Equals One

I am mute…
too much screaming deafens love.
I am blind…
angry eyes bring down darkness.
I can’t taste…
foul bitterness coats my tongue.
I can’t smell…
decaying lives occlude my nostrils.
I can’t feel…
sadness surrounds my desolate heart.
I am empty…
a lonely vessel, yearning to be filled.

Photo from Morguefile

Black Is

black is…
the color of the ocean floor
the color of the deepest well
the color of a witch’s cat
the color of a lover’s spell

black is…
the color of infinity
the color of a new-moon night
the color of secrecy
the color of a dream that never takes flight

black is…
the color of a broken heart
the color of a demented mind
the color of an empty life
the color left behind

black is…
the color I breathe
the color I see
the color I taste
the color that owns me

for black is…

Photo from Morguefile

Spirit Hurricane

Mephistopheles and his demons
run rampant through my brain
drowning thoughts, drowning feelings
a spirit hurricane

teeth tear apart truth
revealing succulent lies
sugar-coated in happiness
in an attempt to survive

dark angels feast on all
leaving famine in their wake
an empty shell of a mind
now so fragile it breaks

and collapses inward
into the soothing blackness of death
taking my war-ravaged spirit
that has at last found rest

I Will Come To You


someway, somehow
when the night is long
and the moon is blue
I will come to you

over rivers, over mountains
over bodies of lovers
both false and true
I will come to you

along highways, along byways
along pathways
damp with dew
I will come to you

in darkness, in shadows
in trails of moonbeam’s
silvered hues
I will come to you

clothed in wanting, clothed in lust
clothed in forever love
mixed in a witch’s brew
I will come to you

head bowed, eyes downcast
kneeling on your bed
now one where once was two
I will come to you

My friend, JW at JW’s Creative World collaborated with me on this piece, doing a continuation from the male’s perspective regarding the lady that came to him. You can find his poem here, Yang to my Yin.

I Look Down

From my window
I look down, look down
At the iniquitous world spread out below me.
I look down, look down
I see the curst world, but it doesn’t see me.

From my room
I look down, look down
At the caliginous night steeped in midnight tea.
I look down, look down
I see the leaden darkness, but it doesn’t see me.

From my prison
I look down, look down
At a haunting of ghosts, ghouls, and monstrous afreets.
I look down, look down
I see all things vile and evil . . . and pray they don’t see me.

Sin Eater

I summon thee, oh Sin Eater
Come to me this night.
Break your bread upon my marble breast,
Your wine from my belly white.

Do not let your eyes wander
To the shroud that covers my face.
Lest not curiosity guide your hand
To lift the ivory lace.

My soul has abandoned my body
Leaving a hunger that burns bright.
If you are foolish and lift the gossamer fabric
You will forever become mine tonight.

Saphire eyes will enchant and enthrall you,
Crimson lips will bewitch and beguile.
Though my countenance promises heaven,
Damnation hides behind my smile

I summon thee, oh Sin Eater,
Purify my soul…ingest my wicked heart.
Then be gone from my unholy crypt
Before I drink your will to depart.

Two From One

gelid night of the soul . . .
January ice chills the heart
many times it has been torn open
the last assault cleaved it apart

two halves that can’t be mended
have drifted out upon the midnight tide
far from the warmth of a human touch
in icy salt water, two pieces now abide

twin bloodied castoffs, missed by no man
rest on the crepuscular ocean floor
algid darkness separate what once was one
destined to remain two . . . forevermore


hollow world
hollow moon
hollow stars
hollow room

hollow body
hollow head
hollow heart
hollow bed

hollow days
hollow nights
hollow me
hollow life…