Old Crayons

white faith
purple hope
flesh yearning
can’t cope

green eyes
blue tears
pink lips
silent fears

brown thoughts
yellow emotions
orange screams
unending commotion

gray days
black nights
red dreams
nothing right

FYI–Crayola changed “flesh” to “peach” (for obvious reasons) in 1962. 

Photo from Morguefile

Sin Eater

I summon thee, oh Sin Eater
Come to me this night.
Break your bread upon my marble breast,
Your wine from my belly white.

Do not let your eyes wander
To the shroud that covers my face.
Lest not curiosity guide your hand
To lift the ivory lace.

My soul has abandoned my body
Leaving a hunger that burns bright.
If you are foolish and lift the gossamer fabric
You will forever become mine tonight.

Saphire eyes will enchant and enthrall you,
Crimson lips will bewitch and beguile.
Though my countenance promises heaven,
Damnation hides behind my smile

I summon thee, oh Sin Eater,
Purify my soul…ingest my wicked heart.
Then be gone from my unholy crypt
Before I drink your will to depart.

Two From One

gelid night of the soul . . .
January ice chills the heart
many times it has been torn open
the last assault cleaved it apart

two halves that can’t be mended
have drifted out upon the midnight tide
far from the warmth of a human touch
in icy salt water, two pieces now abide

twin bloodied castoffs, missed by no man
rest on the crepuscular ocean floor
algid darkness separate what once was one
destined to remain two . . . forevermore


hollow world
hollow moon
hollow stars
hollow room

hollow body
hollow head
hollow heart
hollow bed

hollow days
hollow nights
hollow me
hollow life…