Love’s Journey


A collaboration by JW and Cathy

All my life I have searched for you

in the forest, woods, meadows, and glades

first in the light, then shadows, then dark;

convinced that I would instantly know

Your voice, your lips, your touch

Yet dreams remained dreams, and you an illusion

And I was alone, a wolf without a mate… or pack;

tempted, sad, faithless

I sought out others but they were not real

None could fill the void that only you could

A void with your shape to complete me

The others? Only flimsy constructs that fell apart

Beneath the weight of broken vows and time

All my life I have searched for the one

That knew his place

Accepted it completely

Heart, mind, and soul

The one that would make me whole

Be my reason to be; my purpose

Guide, mentor, master

Teaching me through actions, not words

My true self reborn and acknowledged through his eyes

A possessor of unconditional… and limitless… love

To fill all the empty caverns inside

That were carved out with an angry knife

Slice, by slice, by bloody slice

All my life I have searched for you, my Alpha

Had finally given up hope, cast aside the fantasy

Resigned myself to ever be

A lone wolf…isolated in darkness

Hidden away in my den, licking my many wounds

Until death would set me free

Then you appeared

Shone your light into my caliginosity

I became aware

A reawakening

It was then I truly knew freedom

For the very first time

To be who I was meant to be

To be with who I was meant to be

My master, my love, my forever Alpha


You can read it here at JW’s Creative World along with other amazing poetry.

I Will Come To You


someway, somehow
when the night is long
and the moon is blue
I will come to you

over rivers, over mountains
over bodies of lovers
both false and true
I will come to you

along highways, along byways
along pathways
damp with dew
I will come to you

in darkness, in shadows
in trails of moonbeam’s
silvered hues
I will come to you

clothed in wanting, clothed in lust
clothed in forever love
mixed in a witch’s brew
I will come to you

head bowed, eyes downcast
kneeling on your bed
now one where once was two
I will come to you

My friend, JW at JW’s Creative World collaborated with me on this piece, doing a continuation from the male’s perspective regarding the lady that came to him. You can find his poem here, Yang to my Yin.