I Wait

sprawl in a wrinkled, uneasy bed
old demons and new share the covers
they jabber and snicker, toss and turn
chase away forgetful sleep
eyes on the shadowed ceiling
I wait for sunrise…

pour a cup of bitter, black coffee
greet the ghosts of past friends and lovers
resentful and accusing in their stony silence
tears slide down unforgiving cheeks
eyes on the cold floor
I wait for sunset…

pace dingy, dark, shuttered rooms
regrets, fuck-ups, and what-ifs hover
lamplight glints on gunmetal gray
what you sow, you shall reap
eyes on the bore of eternity
I wait for death’s release

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A Speck in the Cosmos


We are that we are. We are the ones who learned to free our minds from our bodies. We are the ones who will exist forever. We are the ones humans call upon when they are in need.

We are gods.

All who came before us are no more, not even a thought upon the solar winds.

The ones who came after, the humans, we use for our amusement. There is no afterlife for them–only an eternity of nothingness.

And for some inexplicable reason, I find that sad. Continue reading