imageHow many ladies here are are married? Ah . . . I see lots of hands raised. And how many of you ladies married Mr. Not-Quite-Perfect, but thought you could fix those pesky one or two little flaws? Didn’t happen, did it?

And how many of you men out there in the blogosphere are mystified as to why your blushing bride started trying to change you before the rice had hardly settled? You probably wonder why she married you in the first place; after all, she knew what you were like before she said “I do.”

I don’t claim to understand this anomaly, but I do know it’s real.

A few years ago, I happened upon a song on YouTube told from the man’s point of view regarding change. It’s a good song with a good beat, and the words, well, just give them particular attention as you listen.

Awesome dancing included . . .



Have you ever wondered about the lyrics of a song–the  story behind the words? I often do, trying to piece together what is told and what is left unsaid/unsung.

While browsing through Amazon’s Prime Music (I get this service as a part of my Amazon Prime Account) a few days ago, I stumbled upon an album–are they still called that?–titled: Blackbirds, by Gretchen Peters. I had never heard of this artist, let alone the song, but the cover looked intriguing, so I gave a listen to the title track.

The opening lines–“Blackbirds came at dusk and they roosted in the cane…caused such a ruckus that it shook my windowpane. And I’m covered up in dirt and I stink of kerosene, and no matter what I do, I can’t get clean.”–reached out and grabbed me by the throat, demanding my complete attention, until upon ending, I was released from its death-grip.
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